Karen James

Mentoring Club Director

You can reach your mentoring club director at (360) 431-5836

Mentor Club is an extension of Camp, where kiddos are matched up with mentors from camp. They get together for 4 hours each month during the school year. In addition, mentors, mentees and other volunteers (who aren’t required to have attended camp) come together for a few hours at monthly Mentoring Club meetings, on the second Saturday morning of each month.

Mentor Club allows us to water the seeds planted at camp and to be consistent, guiding influences as our kiddos navigate the challenges of their daily lives. God’s love is modeled consistently, through the games, sports, activity centers, Bible stories, drama and quiet times the campers share with their counselors.

Update September 2019: While we are so grateful to those who have stepped forward to volunteer at Mentor Club, the hard decision was made this past week to postpone the launch of our local chapter’s monthly mentoring program. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough volunteers able to commit to serving this school year. Our plan is to spend the next several months recruiting, interviewing and training a strong team with the prayer that postponing until September 2020 will be according to God’s timing for a more successful launch. We’ll continue to keep you informed of our progress in our monthly newsletters and on Facebook. If you haven’t already reached out to us, we’d love to talk to you about being a part of it!

One of our core values at Mentor Club is understanding. Children in foster care are often misunderstood and can easily be labeled as the “naughty” or “troubled” kids due to challenging behaviors exhibited. All of our volunteers go through trauma-sensitive training in order to explain the effects of abuse and neglect and how we can respond appropriately to manifested behaviors. We may not have walked in their shoes but we strive to show understanding of how their past affects the present. At Mentoring Club we strive for understanding in all of our interactions.

Positions Available:
* Child Specialist (i.e. Social Worker/School Counselor)
* Mentor Club Meeting Coordinator
* Mentor Club Meeting Staff Assistants
* Activity Center Coordinator
* Bible Teacher
* Registrar
* Mentor

Message us for more info or contact Karen James (360) 431-5836 Mobile or at CowlitzClub@RoyalFamilyKIDS.org.